Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Ballad of Mulan

You just finished reading the story The Ballad of Mulan by: Song Nan Zhang.  Please choose 2 or more questions to answer from the list provided. Use examples from the story to support you answers.  Be sure to use complete sentences and correct capitalization and punctuation!

Restate the question in your answer!


  1. Esha
    1.Two reasons why the soldiers are so suprised that that Mulan was a woman are because they had fought side by side with her for ten years
    and also because Mulan looked like a man with her armor on.
    2. If Mulan had asked to be dressed as a female soldier ,warriors or other people might have said for her to go away and not fight in the battle and make her father or her younger brother to fight instead.

  2. Katelyn
    1.The soldiers did not know Mulan was a woman because Mulan fought like a boy and was realy hard and tough.Mulan made a big titel in war for having integrity.

    2.Mulan does want not tell her mother because she does not want her mother to be worreid to much about the war and how elderly there father was.

  3. Serena- #2-Mulan doesn't tell her mother right away that there is news of war because she is so sad and speechlessthat she stops weaving. #4-The story of Mulan has been retold for a hundred years because It's such a wonderful story that shows people to be brave and just don't give up.

  4. Emma

    2.Mulan doesn't tell her mother there is war right away because she didn't want her to worry about her daughter.
    5.Mulan's actions show great courage beacause you can tell she endures everything hard,doesn't run away from war, and went to fight for her father.

  5. Joseph

    #2 Mulan didn't tell her mom that there was news of war because didn'twant any of her family to go to war.

    #3 If Mulan had asked to dress like a girl she would be thrown out of war and her old and week dad would be put into war.She would be thrown out of war because women are not aloud in war.

  6. Brady
    6. Both Mulan and Axel are alike and different.They are alike because they both were brave.Axel was brave because Axel climbed a mountain during a thunder storm trying to save his dog Grits and Mulan was brave because she was a women and she went to war.One resson why they are diffrent because Mulan's setting took place in Cina and Axel's took place in Whyoming at the great Teton Mountains.4. Mulan as been retold for hundreds of years because it is a legend and legends are makebeleve storys that have been told from hundreds of years ago.

  7. Drew 1 The men were surprised that she was a women and she fought for ten years. 2 Mulan did not tell because she did not want her to worry.

  8. Josh 2-Mulan doesen't tell her mother about the war because her father is to old and frail.

    4-The story the ballad of Mulan has been told for hundreds of years because it is a legend and people don't know if it is a true story.

  9. #1 The soldiers are so suprized that Mulan is a women is beacause that she was wearing all of her armor and thought she was a man the second reason that Mulan's comrads thought she was a man is beacause she was fighting with all men.#2 Mulan didn't tell her mother that there was news of war is that she proabaly she would be worried

  10. Walker

    6# Mulan and Axel both are brave .Axel climbs a cliff and Mulan dose not. Mulan is a girl Axel is a boy. Mulan and Axel both save someone and something.

  11. BEN
    1# The soldiers were suprised because they fough with her for ten years and she was a good fighter.2# Mulan did not tell her mother right away because her fathers name was on a list to go.

  12. Rae
    2.Mulan dosen't tell her mother that there is a war because her dad is fighting and he is old and frail. Also she is scared that her dad is going to die! Also she want to take her dads spot!
    3. If she asked a fight dresed as a womsn her mom would not let her fight and the war woulden't of let her fight either. She could of goten in so much truble!

  13. Anna

    #2 Mulan doen't tell her mother right away because Mulan's mom will worry.

    #3 If Mulan had to dress like a girl in the war she just like a girl and people will not take her seriously.