Thursday, September 22, 2011

Writing Friendly Letters

Choose (1) student in class to write a friendly letter to.  Be sure to have a "conversation" with that person and ask questions.  Set your friendly letter up in the proper format, check your spelling, capitalization and punctuation before posting. 

*Remember this is a Friendly Letter, so all posts should be respectful and kind.  Have fun!


  1. 9/22/11
    Dear Class,
    I have enjoyed getting to know you so far this school year. It is exciting to see how much you've learned since second grade. How do you feel about third grade so far? What do you hope to learn this year? I think we have a really neat schedule that allows us a lot of time to really learn and interact with others. I am proud of all of you so far and look forward to a wonderful school year.
    Mrs. Smith

  2. 9/22/11
    Dear Evan
    I hope you like third grade. What is your favorite special? My favorite special is P.E. What bucket do you want to win at Fall Festival? I want to win the lego bucket. See you soon.
    You're friend,

  3. 9/23/11

    Dear Rae,
    Hi!I love legos and reading books by Roald Dahl.What do you like to do?My brother and I are hoping to win at least 1 bucket at the Fall Fest!He is my role model.How about you?

    Your Friend,
    Emma =)

  4. 9-23-11
    Dear Rae
    How do you like third grade?Is your mom coming to help steashins this weak I hope so?What is your favorit coler?mine is bloue.ill, see you toumaro.
    Your friend,


  5. 9/23/11
    Dear Drew,
    My favorite special is P.E too. I also want to win the lego bucket. Do you like third grade? Who is your best friend? What is your fvorite sport? I will see you soon.

  6. 9/22/11

    Dear Katelyn,
    You are a nice person. Have you read any good books lately? Do you like girl scouts? How do you like the school year? I really like being in the same class as you.
    Your Friend

  7. 9/27/11
    Dear Delaney,

    Did you like looking through the owl pelets? Do you like third grade so far?I do. what is your favorite speical? mine is P.E. I'm glad we are friends. what is your favorite sport?Mine is gymnastics.

    Your Friend,


  8. 9/27/11

    Dear Katelyn,
    Hi! You are a nice person to know and have in our class.I had a few questions for you. Do you like to read? Did you have a great summer? Are you having fun in third grade? do you have any brothers or sisters? If so how many? Well it was nice talking to you.
    Your Friend,

  9. 9/27/11
    Dear Emma,
    I am glad we are in the same class agin. You are a great friend. I love playing Connect Four with you.Every time you say you have a plan it makes me so curious what your plan is. I will see you later.

    Your Friend,

  10. 9/27/11
    Dear Evan,
    You are great friend because I can always trust you to keep a secret or someone I can talk to.Do you what to have a play date.Last Saturday you had a great soccer game.I love the that we met and when we found the island and when we throne the bricks in the water.Are you having a good time in school.Did you like the owl pelets.
    your friend,

  11. 9/27/11
    Dear Mrs. Smith,
    I am so glad you are my teacher agin! I think third grade is fun but it is harder than last year. This year I hope I learn how to divide. I am excited that EOG's are this year and a little scared too. I hope you have a great year.

    Your Student,

  12. 9-27-11

    Dear Brady,

    How are you liking school? What is your favorite speical? What is your favorite subject? My Favorite subject is math.Did you like discecting the owl pellets?
    Your Freind,