Friday, August 26, 2011

Off to Adventure

You just finished reading the story Cliffhanger by: Jean Craighead George.  Please choose 2 or more questions to answer from the list provided. Use examples from the story to support you answers.  Be sure to use complete sentences and correct capitalization and punctuation!

Restate the question in your answer!


  1. Serena- #3-Axel wasn't scared to go after Grits because Grits is his dog and best friend and he really cares about Grits. #5-If Axel had waited to get Grits until after the storm passed Grits would have jumped off of Monkey Ledge and gotten wet and hurt.

  2. Delaney
    #1 Cliff Hanger is an adventer because a boy named Axel has to rock climb during a thunderstorm. Axel's dog Grits was left in the great Teton Mountains and Axel has to rappel safely with Grits.

    #2 The author compares Axel to a ballet dancer because when he has to go rock to rock with his hands moving. When he is moving rock to rock it looks graceful.

  3. Walker
    1. Cliff Hanger is an adventure because they went hiking and climing.

    3. Axel was not scared because he wanted to save grits.Axel and Dag felt nervis.

  4. Rae
    1Clif Hanger is an adveture becase he is rock climbing in a thunder storm to save his dog grits and he could of been really hurt!When the story is over he comes back without one scrach on him!The dog comes back safe to so it's a very happy advennture!Also he said belay to tell his dad the dog is comeing down!
    2The uthor compairs Axel to a ballet dancer becase the way he is moving makeshim look like a ballet dancer.He is moving that way so he can climb up the wall to get his dog!

  5. Emma

    #3 Axel isn't afraid go after Grits beacause he was so desperate to get him that he forgot about worrying,and concentrated on getting Grits.

    #5 If Axel had started climbing after the storm, his dog, Grits may have jumped off the cliff before Axel could get there.

  6. Evan
    1 Cliff Hanger is an adventure because Axle's dog Grit's was at the top of a moutain in at thunder strom.

    2 The author compared Axel to a ballet dancer because he climbed slowly and steadely.


  7. Katelyn
    6. One connection I had was I climbed a rockwall just like Axel climbed a mountain. It was not like my adveture because a rockwall is safer and it was not thunderstorming

    3.Axel was not scared because he had alot of comfadins in himself. If I were him I would do the same thing for Kenly my dog.

  8. Brady

    The resson why Axel started climbing before the storm passed because Grits could of got shocked by lighning and he didn't want to take that chance.

    Cliff Hanger was a adventure because Axel climbed a mountain in a thunderstorm trying to save Grits.

  9. Genin

    Cliff hanger. Can let you rock clim. like Axel did. Cliff hanger. he was scard but he was brave and he made it he fawnd him down but he was going to fall but he got it and hegot down and had a lunck with his dad an went home.

  10. Joseph

    #5 Grits mighthave gotten hurt if Axel didn't climb up the mountain. Grits would get hurt because thier was a storm on it's way.
    #2 The auther compares Axel to a ballet dancer because Axel is moving gracefully and alot.

  11. Esha
    4.In the story I think Axel and his father felt worried that they might not make it in time to get Grits, upset that Grits had followed the mountain climbers up the mountain, and determined to get Grits.
    5. If Axel had started climbing after the storm had passed Grits, Grits might have been struck by lightning or fallen off the mountain.

  12. Josh
    1.Axel climbs so gracefully he climbs like a ballet dancer.

    2.Axel is not scared to go get grits because grits is his dog. If I had a dog I would save him to.

  13. Nevaeh,
    What makes Cliff Hanger an a adventure is when Axel starts to climb the mounton . Why the author compares Axel to a ballet dancer is because Axel was jumping crack to crack

  14. Anna

    1.Cliffhanger is an adventure because Axel was climbing the wall to get his best friend Grits and he tought he was going to lose his best friend forever.

    6. My connection from Cliffhanger is I went to the North Carolina Mountains and it is different because there is trees and plants in the North Carolina Mountains.

  15. Will

    1. Chiffhager is a adventure story becouse Grits is lost.

    3. Axel was not scard becouse he has ben rock climing before

  16. Drew 1 Cliffhanger is a adventure because Grits got lost and Axel had to climb the mountain and you could see he used the tools.
    2Axel climbed from ledge to ledge like a ballet dancer.

  17. Whitley

    1.2#The auther is comparing Axel to a balitet dancer because he is grasfuly climing to get up and save his dog grits.
    2.1#It is storming and Axel is climing up the mountun trying to save his dog Grits.

  18. BEN
    1# Cliffhanger is an adventer because Axel climed up the moutaion with lighting strike.

  19. Natalie
    1.Axel has to climb up a mountain. Axel has to save Grits and so if he wants to save Grits he has to be brave and climb up a mountain.
    3.Axel is'int scared bacause he wants to save his dog Grits.

  20. BEN
    2# Axel is A ballet dancer because he pushed him off A tall mountain then he hade to free climb the hole way down the hauge mountain!